Thursday, February 6, 2014

Friday Style

A little Friday style post for this God-sent weekend.  It has been an insane week; and I am just ready for rest...although not a lot of that will be taking place, I'll try to fit it in somewhere!  Life needs to SLOW DOWN!  On a brighter note, I am planning a few trips with my dear precious friend Cariann (her blog is here).  Just booked my ticket to fly to Nashville, TN!  We are going to see Nickel Creek in concert for their reunion tour.  If you haven't listened to their angelic music, please do yourself a favor and go listen to their new song "Destination".  Mmmmm....tasty tunes.

Also, I have some exciting news too!  Cariann and I have decided to start a blog together.  Our first venture in this journey is on Tumblr.  Please follow us here!

Now, with no further ado. :)

Where it's from:

Chambray Shirt - Forever 21
Cardigan - Forever 21
Corduroy Pants - Fedora Botique
Shoes - Target


Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Journey of the Heart

Adventure is an interesting concept.  Often times we consider only trips and traveling to be adventure.  In reality though, it is so much more than that.

Adventure: A risky undertaking; a remarkable and exciting experience.
Adventurer: A person who engages in new and risky undertakings.

Adventure is the choice to experience something new and very powerful.  It is scary and overwhelming sometimes, but insanely beautiful and rewarding.  It is the choice to do something crazy, out of the ordinary.  It doesn't have to be outside of everyone's ordinary, just your own.  Adventure, while being a part of life, is voluntary.  You can choose whether or not to be an adventurer.  Risky undertakings sound terrifying and seem like bad decisions; but risky is not always a bad adjective!  If we were so constantly afraid of risky things or situations, then no one would even bother to walk out of their front door.  Risk is a part of our daily lives as human beings.  Sometimes we know it's there, and sometimes we are completely unaware.

We take a risk every time we drive a car; but it doesn't stop us from using one each and every day.

We take a risk of burning off your taste buds on the first sip of hot coffee, but that doesn't stop us from ordering a fresh cup of Starbucks, longing for the perfection that lies in that first sip.

We risk judgment every time we tell a secret or confession, but that doesn't stop us from pouring our hearts out to our dearest friends and family.

We risk rejection every time we say "I love you", but we still utter that phrase to those we treasure most.

We risk disappointment, but that doesn't stop us from dreaming big.

Adventure is the daily decisions (the voluntary decision) to risk, to lay out all your cards and follow your gut, to live life a little on the edge.  Because a risk-less life is an empty life.  It is so much more than a physical journey; it is a journey of the heart, the soul, and the mind.  Truly, adventure is more than just an action; it is a lifestyle.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

From One Artist to Another

Do what you must to keep your artistic perspective, curious mind, bright, insightful attitude, and sweetly calm heart alive.  As alive as you can possibly make it.  You were created to be an artist.  Twas not a coincidence, my friend.  Embrace your artsy side.  What I mean is don't be ashamed of it, or let the world and society around you quench your desire to see beauty and feel adventure.  Whether your art is a canvas, a Polaroid, an outfit, a song, a room, whatever it may be - be proud of that masterpiece, and continue creating.  Always continue creating.  Remind people around you of the beauty and joy of art.

I have seen too many people who hide their artistic side because of peer pressure, society norms, or a negative word or look from others.  My question is, why do we want so desperately to fit in?  I mean what is so wonderful about being just like every other homo sapien on planet earth anyway?  It is so much more invigorating to stand out, to be different, to write your own story, rather than having it written and handed to you (without your consent or signature in the author's blank).  Truth is, dear people:

God called His children and loved ones to be set apart.

I may be mistaken, but I don't think He was saying to be like everyone else...could be wrong...If you are an artist, in any way (which I think everyone is an artist in their own particular way), Jesus inspired that gifting and passion within you.  Don't allow the world to stomp out that fiery passion or force you to disregard your special gifting.  Take hold of it!

I love seeing artists take hold of who they are and what they were built and equipped to do.  So paint, sing, snap a photo, write a story, draw a picture, decorate a room, wear a daring outfit, make spectacular food, dabble on a chalkboard, strum your guitar, let art flow through every vein in your body.

Art is not what you do.  It is who you are.  It is a lifestyle, not a chore or action.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Blessings Upon Blessings

God is so wonderful.  He just sends blessings upon blessings; and they are oh so lovely!  Christmas break has been spectacular, full of rest, family, peace, and thanksgiving.  One of the most beautiful parts I have enjoyed the most is spending some quality time with sweet friends, and even seeing some brand new friendships coming to life and blossoming before my eyes!  Many nights of laughter and silly, smile-filled conversations, watching a full season of a show in two nights (not much sleep occurred in those 48 hours), making beautiful melodies with lovely people, lunch dates, spontaneous road trips, lots of pictures, and even more memories that I hope to keepsake forever. 

Here are just a few shots of one road trip taken with some pretty ladies I love and treasure.

IT WAS SO COLD.  Thus....running...


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Fresh Start

2013 was a year of many lessons.  I learned far more than I could have ever previously imagined.  I learned who Annaliese was when stripped of many things, boyfriend, best friends, even family when college began.  I learned that family are the people I need to invest the most time and effort into, because those are the people who will always be there, no matter what happens.  I learned who my true friends were, and in doing so, lost several.  But the Lord blessed me with more wonderful friends sevenfold.  It has been a rocky but sweet adventure.  I am thrilled about this brand new year.  I love fresh starts.

Here are some of my "resolutions".  Some lifestyle changes, if you will.  These are things I noticed needed tweeking, coming from 2013.


Jesus is number one priority, above all else.
Less time spent on my phone, especially when I'm with people I love.

I will make a habit to call the people I love but don't get to see much.

I will smile when times are good and cry when they are bad; and never fear doing either.

I will write 10 full songs.

I will only speak words that are life-giving and reviving.

Travel more, locally and in nearby states.

Take more chances, learning how to be more spontaneous.

Learn how to say NO.  I can do anything, but not everything!

Make time for more slow mornings

Don't forget the BLOG!!! ;)

More yoga and meditation.

Say thank you when people compliment me.  No more discounting kind words.

Send the Lord a prayer or song of praise every night.

Say I love you to family and friends more.

Really do some DIY projects that I pin! ;)

Quit pre-judging people

No more sub-tweeting.  It only passively aggressively hurts others.

Spend at least an hour each day in complete solitude to recharge.

Cook some quality meals for people I love.

Live out Romans 12:18, "If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all."

Don't feel the need to change myself for other people.

Fight to see the good in people

Explore my dreams, rather than discount them as being impossible or non-functiona.

Leave 2013 in 2013, no need to take all that happened in that year with me into this new year.  Take the lessons and memories, but leave the pain and mistakes.  What's past is past.

2014 is fresh, new, and beautiful.  Let us make this year as beautiful as possible.  I know and firmly believe that the Lord has GREAT things in store for this year, my friends!


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Truly Living

This world is spinning madly on around us, as we continue to be so wrapped up in our own doings.  We are so busy with routine that we almost forget a very important fact.

We need to start living, before it’s too late.

Don’t let life pass you by.  Sometimes when I find myself so consumed with writing an essay, doing my job, planning meetings, sending emails, etc, I find that I am losing myself in that routine.  I want to live a crazy, adventurous life, full of joy, spontaneity, laughter, traveling, and a whole lot of Jesus.  When I really take a moment to think about it all, I begin to realize how little of the above things I have when stuck listening to the constant monotone voice of a routine life.

I want to bask in the presence of my God and King, resting in His peace and mulling over the vastness of His love.

I want to see things, beautiful things.  I want to marvel over them; and thank God for their existence.

I want to step on new grounds I have never touched, walking, running, climbing, hiking, whatever it takes, I want to feel the new earth beneath my feet (preferably with my Chacos on ;).

I want to be in awe of the beauty of nature.

I want to slow down a bit, take in the wonder of the world that surrounds me.

I want to put my phone down more often, and not have a panic attack when I am away from it for extended periods of time (so sad to admit).

I want to take crazy, random trips that make my adrenaline rush (even if it is just a day trip).

I want to meet some really great folks.  I want to stop being awkward so much, and just say “hi, you look like a splendid person, let’s be friends”, just to see.  The worst they can say is no.

I want to collect moments, storing them in my heart forever, with some keepsake items and photos to help me remember.

I want to travel the world.

I want to make people feel loved.

Most of all, I want to walk in the destiny God has made for me.

Is that so much to ask?  I don’t think so.  It takes guts though.  And those would be the guts I haven’t ever had…I have never taken a spur-the-moment camping trip, but I want to.  I haven’t talked to a stranger at a coffee shop and asked them to sit and join me for some Jo, but I would love that.  I haven’t played lovely folk music live in a coffeehouse, but boy would I adore doing so.  The list goes on and on.
Cutting to the chase, I need to start living…
What are some things you want to do, in order to REALLY start living?


Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Single Season

To all of the young ladies,

It is OKAY to be single.  I know it’s hard, very hard at times.  As a woman, you have the longing deep inside your heart and soul to be loved, desired, treasured, and pursued.  That is how God made you.  Eve was made from Adam; she had a part of him in her always.  So, there was always a part of her that longed for her husband, longed to be adored, prioritized, and wanted by her husband.  This same longing is in your heart and in mine.  We long for that special man to prance into our lives, offer us his strong hand, and with it offer a lifetime of love, adventure, and intimacy.  However, this man and this season are reserved for a special time in our life.  This season of being single is a season of preparation, preparing you to be the best woman, daughter, sister, friend, and wife YOU can be.  So, the “single season” is NOT a waste of time!

You have probably heard this from so many people, but don’t discount this please!  I know how difficult it can be to be content with this whole single business.  It can be incredibly lonely and empty.  That longing in our heart can be so forcefully overwhelming at times, making us almost unwilling to be alone.  Sometimes it feels like you will never find that one guy.  Well, trust me, you will.  He’s out there somewhere, in his season of preparation.  God will not put him into your life until you’re ready, until you are so in love with Jesus that the longing in your heart for a man becomes quenched by the love and affection you find in the presence of your Lord and Dearly Beloved.

It can be so easy to lose the preciousness of this “single season”, because our hearts and minds think that a man will fill the void, the emptiness that we so commonly feel within us.  Society and our skewed culture informs us that we will not be content until that man walks in with a dozen roses and a charming smile.  We soak our minds in the fantasies of Disney, Nicolas Sparks, and the Hunger Games until we are completely consumed with the idea of a Prince or Peeta walking into our lives to save us from this loneliness.  The truth is none of the previous things will fill your void or truly save you at all.

The only thing (or person) that can truly save you is the love and restoration of Jesus Christ.

You want to be saved before going into a relationship, rather than going into a relationship to be saved.  If you enter into a relationship with a man, hoping that he will save you, I am sorry but you will be poorly disappointed.  No man has that ability.

Only Jesus can fill, heal, and love you as your heart so desperately desires.  Even your husband, the man God has specifically set aside to adore and cherish you for life, cannot wholly fill the void in your heart.  That hole requires a God-sized peg. 

So, during this “single season”, embrace Jesus and press into His presence.  Be filled with His Holy Spirit, and know that He will give you the fullest of joy and peace you have ever known.  This season can be hard, but oh so beneficial.  And when you are ready, dear one, God will bless you with them most amazing man you will ever know and love.  But, you must turn your eyes and your heart to Jesus FIRST; and seek Him with all that you are and have, not letting man (or even the idea of a man) pull you away from all that He has for you during this season.

I am praying for you (and for myself) during this “single season”.  I know it is hard.  But, I also know that it is worth everything.  

Your fellow single sister